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Congratulations to the 2016 OCTC Awards for Excellence Winners!

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Ohio Chemistry Technology Council’s
38th Annual Conference

2016 Awards for Excellence Winners


Ashland Specialty Ingredients — Columbus, Ohio

The Ashland- Hilliard plant found a way to reduce greenhouse gas and NOx emissions while also reducing product manufacturing costs through a solvent recovery installation implementation. Over a 12 month period, 245 tons of one, and 44.0 tons of another hazardous waste stream were redirected to a recovery process. Formerly, these two waste streams were shipped to a cement kiln for use as a fuel equivalent. Considering the reduced waste generated and sent for fuel, the combustion products resulted in a reduction of 3,608 tons of C02 emissions and 209 tons of NOx emissions. Additionally, the plant benefited from significant cost reductions including fewer raw materials that need purchased plus lower waste disposal and transportation costs associated with disposal.

BASF Corporation — Whitehouse, Ohio

BASF Whitehouse in 2015 issued an evaluation of their ergonomics assessment tool to address concerns from their lab employees. The program evaluation determined that the ergonomic needs of lab-related tasks were not considered in the existing computer user assessment tool and a ready-made ergonomic assessment tool for lab-related tasks did not exist. Therefore, a Whitehouse lab employee took it upon herself to create a new ergonomic assessment tool to address the needs of lab employees. The tool is structured to identify ergonomic gaps in the employee’s work environment and provides recommendations on how to address the gaps. The BASF North America Laboratory Safety Council agreed that the assessment tool was a best practice and added it to the newest edition of the lab safety manual which is shared with approximately 13 BASF labs across North America. The ergonomic assessment tool created by an employee at the Whitehouse lab is now a tool that can benefit employees across the country.


Americas Styrenics — Hanging Rock, Ohio

Americas Styrenics is committed to manufacturing, handling, transporting and disposing of chemical products safely without compromise.  Through capital project upgrades, synergies, repairs and refined work processes they have been successful in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving air quality. In addition, Americas Styrenics gives back to the community through various initiatives including co-hosting the Annual Community Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day where community members are invited to bring household hazardous waste products to the plant at no cost for disposal.

Americas Styrenics — Marietta, Ohio

Americas Styrenics implemented a solid waste reduction plan in 2013 which separated waste streams; allowing for recyclable materials to be sorted and reused. The company now separates used wood pallets, plastics, and cardboard and sends them to local companies that recycle and reuse these products. The program resulted in a 60% reduction in trash loads over the past two years and has created a culture of teamwork and healthy competition among the employees.

ASHTA Chemicals — Ashtabula, Ohio

ASHTA Chemicals, striving not just for excellence in safety but to enrich employee’s lives as well as enhance their well-being,  hosted an on-site Health and Wellness Fair during the months of October and November 2015. ASHTA invited several local health organizations and wellness providers to discuss any employee concerns and to answer any general health questions. Health and Wellness attendees had opportunities for flu shots, blood pressure checks, body mass index evaluations, grip strength evaluations and overall biometric screenings. Each employee was then able discuss any of the test results or literature they received from the providers or schedule an appointment for a later date. The Health and Wellness Fair was a major success with greater than 95% company-wide participation.

Day Glo Color — Cleveland, Ohio

Day Glo’s environmental excellence for 2015 is related to its continued commitment to improving the quality of their liquid process waste water stream that is sent to the local sewer district for treatment. They recently completed a major water treatment project that now allows them to conduct on-site water treatment through a system of flocking, separation and filtering. Prior to this treatment system, all production water and water from equipment cleaning was sent to the sewer district. Reducing and improving waste streams is a continuous effort at Day Glo.

Day Glo Color — Twinsburg, Ohio

Day Glo’s Twinsburg location has worked to improve safety for its employees and the surrounding community through a comprehensive site security plan. They added high definition security cameras and the use of an outside security firm that inspects the plant both inside and out during non-working hours. The outside bulk tank farm is under security camera surveillance in addition to having surveillance on the property perimeter and all access gates. The videos are recorded both on and off site in case an on-site incident were to damage the recorder. Along with increased security training for their employees, DayGlo continues to strive for security excellence at both their plant and surrounding community.

The Dow Chemical Company — Ironton, Ohio

Dow Chemical Company’s Hanging Rock facility’s commitment to the safety of its employees and community is demonstrated by the fact that at year end 2015, their site surpassed 7 years without an OSHA recordable injury. One of the ways they were able to accomplish this milestone was a plant assessment on their machines to determine the risk for potential exposure to employee injury. These assessments were designed to take into consideration as many scenarios as possible to ensure that all combinations were analyzed. Once the gaps were identified, funding was obtained to implement solutions to close these gaps.

The Dow Chemical Company — West Alexandria, Ohio

The Dow West Alexandria facility fosters a culture of personal safety accountability and involvement. Their safety team sponsors many safety initiatives including a Machine Risk Assessment Standard as part of their ongoing initiative to provide an injury-free workplace. The purpose of the standard, which goes above and beyond industry and regulatory requirements, is to prevent injuries to personnel from machine hazards.

The facility also has an active noise reduction initiative aimed at minimizing the level of noise exposures to  employees by utilizing engineering controls. The site has currently installed 4 noise curtains which have reduced point source noise levels by as much as 10 dB. Three additional custom built noise enclosures are planned for the site in 2016. The overall objective is to eliminate the need for hearing protection at the facility, as well as the requirement for a Hearing Conservation Program.

Emery Oleochemicals — Cincinnati, Ohio

Emery Oleochemicals has recently completed the construction and commissioning of a process to recycle scrap foam from their Cincinnati Plant. With this process, scrap foam, that would otherwise be landfilled, is reacted with a glycol in a transesterification process to create a polyol. These INFIGREEN® Polyols are sold as part of their Eco-Friendly Polyols line of products. All Eco-Friendly Polyols are manufactured from renewable feed stocks as replacements for petroleum based polyols. The INFIGREEN® Polyols are sold to customers as a feedstock for the manufacturing of new foams. Additionally, they worked with a company in northern Ohio to design an automated system to convey bales of scrap foam into their new reactor which greatly reduces the physical labor demands on their chemical operators.

GFS Chemicals — Powell, Ohio

GFS Chemicals, in an effort to improve safety for their operators, installed and upgraded gates in 3 buildings. This allows operators to close the gates from below the mezzanines after placing product on the upper level thus avoiding having to approach an open gate from the upper level. In addition, the facility upgraded to LED lighting which not only enhanced safety by providing proper lighting, but also conserves energy.

INEOS USA — Lima, Ohio

INEOS Nitriles USA LLC  is committed to addressing the security of their facility by ensuring that the security systems meet or exceed the expectations of federal, state and local standards. The Lima team has made numerous upgrades to the site security program including access control improvements, surveillance systems and strengthened perimeter barriers. In 2015, a Department of Homeland Security assessment team visited the facility and completed an authorization inspection of the security measures. INEOS is proud to report  the audit results suggested that the current security measures were substantially more than expected based on the site’s level of risk. Even then additional measures were put in place such as replacing the entire perimeter security system and installing a new access control system.

Lubrizol Advanced Materials — Avon Lake, Ohio

Lubrizol Advanced Materials Avon Lake is a Responsible Care Management System Certified facility that annually looks for initiatives to improve and optimize resources. During the planning session for 2015 the facility identified solid waste reduction as an area for improvement. In 2015, the facility began using the City of Avon Lake’s anaerobic digestion system and highly efficient pressurized plate and frame press. By doing so the facility reduced landfilled waste water treatment sludge by 67% a reduction of a 1.60 million pounds. Using the City’s operations as a new sludge alternative reduced Lubrizol’s chemical and electrical consumption, freed up Lubrizol waste water treatment operators to improve daily operations and provided another income stream to the City of Avon Lake’s Treatment facility. Lubrizol’s future plans with the City include anaerobic treatment with beneficial re-use of the solids on farmlands, which will yield more than an 85% reduction from the 2014 levels.

Lubrizol Advanced Materials — Brecksville, Ohio

Lubrizol Advanced Material’s Brecksville staff recognized that they could increase safety awareness by direct involvement between office personnel and HSES staff. This led to the formation of an office safety committee by managers and employees from all business units and facilitated by the HSE department. The committee acts as office liaisons with the safety department resulting in higher communication of potential issues and near misses. Activities include quarterly meetings and inspections of office areas which train personnel on common safety issues. These inspections resulted in corrective actions leading to fewer safety issues over the past year. Additionally the committee was responsible for a security initiative that led to a month long focus on security awareness.

The Lubrizol Corporation — Painesville, Ohio

Lubrizol’s Painesville developed a cross-functional team to reevaluate their contractor program. The goal of the team was to develop a sustainable system that clearly defines the management of both their primary contractors and the subcontractors thatthey may use when working on site. A gap analysis was performed and identified best practices for contractor management. This was  provided to the plant management team who provided their full support to institute the changes. The changes were fully implemented during 2015, including new requirements to define and train contractors.

The Lubrizol Corporation — Wickliffe, Ohio

Lubrizol Corporation demonstrates its commitment to its employees and neighbors is by supporting an on-site Fire Brigade at many of its facilities. Members are trained to NFPA standards so that they are capable of responding to a variety of emergencies including fire, medical and hazardous material events. Lubrizol’s headquarters in Wickliffe, Ohio has such a brigade and in 2015 invested in a new fire station, state-of-the-art training room and an all-new ambulance. This type of investment demonstrates a commitment to both the 1300-plus Lubrizol employees and the community in which it resides.

McGean — Cleveland, Ohio

McGean had a a zero recordable injury rate in 2015, However, the facility is working to further improve their safety culture in order to reduce near misses. They are currently developing a safety incentive program to increase employee participation in reporting unsafe acts or situations by actively reviewing all near miss cases in monthly safety meetings and discussing the use of a safety suggestion box in the manufacturing area. McGean’s goal is to improve their safety culture by encouraging both management and plant employees to work together to create a safety program.

PCS Nitrogen Ohio — Lima, Ohio

The PotashCorp Lima facility focused its efforts on a major expansion while keeping safety a priority in 2015. Over 750,000 man-hours were worked, while the plants were still operating, without an incident that would have caused an upset to the units. During the shutdown, the facility completed $4.7million in safety instrument system improvements, $1.8 million in other safety related projects and $1.2 million in noise abatement projects. 59 critical lifts totaling 4.3 million pounds were made, 8.5 miles of conduit were installed, and over 5 miles of piping and 250 tons of structural steel were set in place. To complete this large volume of work, the site employed over 1,200 contract personnel with allundergoing contractor orientation and attending daily safety reviews.

PPG Industries — Delaware, Ohio

PPG Delaware implemented a new recycling project in an effort to increase recycling output. The new project included the following areas of improvement: recycling awareness training for all PPG employees and contractors, dedicated high visible and accessible recycle containers in lunch,
conference and break rooms, dedicated bulk recycling containers, capital project reviews include recycling review, and adding new recyclable waste streams.Since implementing the new program, PPG Delaware has recycled 26.75 tons more than in 2014.

PPG Industries — Huron, Ohio

PPG Huron created a recycling team in 2013 with representatives from each of the site’s four buildings and tasked them with improving the sustainability initiative. The group identified a variety of recyclables to target, established designated recycling areas, and placed containers in all departments to make the effort more visible and encourage employee participation. As the program gained momentum, the team shifted its strategy to accumulating truckload quantities of specific materials and increasing compensation from recycling contractors. Employees throughout the plant joined in and participation spread quickly. In 2015, the facility recycled 411,157 pounds of materials earning approximately $20,000 in returned revenue. 

Valtris Specialty Chemicals — Independance, Ohio

Valtris Specialty Chemicals introduced Santicizer® Platinum P1400 in 2015. This is a "drop-in" plasticizer replacement for butyl benzyl phthalate. Santicizer® Platinum P1400 contains no phthalates and performs as well as butyl benzyl phthalate. Valtris Specialty Chemicals also has a line of heat stabilizers that eliminate Barium and Cadmium. By eliminating these heavy metals and replacing them with calcium and zinc, much less cadmium and barium hazards are present in products, wastes, and facilities.

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