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Ohio Chemical Industry Recognizes Outstanding Environmental and Safety Performances

22 Facilities in ohio's chemical industry honored for environmental, health, safety, and security efforts

At the Ohio Chemistry Technology Council's (OCTC) 35th Annual Conference (April 15-16, 2013), 22 facilities located across the state were honored with the OCTC's Excellence in Environmental, Health, Safety, and Security Performance Award for their continuous improvement efforts during 2012 in the areas of environmental performance, protection of employees and the community, and security programs.

These facilities are all actively engaged as members of the Ohio Chemistry Technology Council, and each has engaged its employees, the community, and local leaders in its safety and environmental programs.

Ohio's chemical industry is a vital part of the state's economy, and all OCTC members have committed to the highest standards for their operations.

For details on the achievements of each of the award recepients, please follow this link: 2012 Awards Summaries


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