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A Message from OCTC President Jenn Klein

Year in Review

Dear OCTC Members,
This month marks my one-year anniversary as the President of OCTC, and it has certainly been an exciting one. Over the course of the year, I have been honored to represent OCTC and all of our wonderful member companies in the public policy arena by advancing the understanding of chemistry to our modern lifestyle and promoting the highest standards of environmental, health, safety and security performance.

We continue to have wonderful meetings and programs, including record-breaking attendance at our Annual Meeting and Legislative Reception. For months, I heard from legislators raving about the reception. The meeting also brought in Governor John Kasich, Ohio EPA Director Craig Butler and JobsOhio Senior Managing Director David Mustine. Their willingness to participate in the event shows the strength of the chemical manufacturing industry in Ohio. Our annual Teachers, Industry and Environment (TIE) Conference is coming up in October and registrations have been pouring in from teachers throughout Ohio. For more than 20 years, the TIE Conference has brought Ohio science teachers, industry scientists, environmentalists and government leaders together to enhance the quality and appeal of science education, which would not be possible without the strong support of our member companies. We have also had a robust and active Safety and Government Affairs Committee, as well as regional meetings with our members. 

Speaking of government affairs, OCTC’s advocacy efforts have significantly increased over the last year. We have worked very hard to raise the profile of the industry at the Ohio Statehouse and advocate on issues that impact your ability to be competitive in the global marketplace. For example, OCTC has actively opposed legislation that would allow natural gas and electric utilities to pass along 100% of the cleanup costs for decades old manufactured gas plants to consumers with no responsibility falling on the shareholder. We have also been engaged in the debate on the state’s energy portfolio standards, actively pushing compromise language to review the standards without eliminating them. We were extremely vocal in our opposition to a proposal that would have increased the CAT tax by 15%. We opposed legislation that would allow employees to bring firearms on their employer's property if it remained locked in their vehicle. We weighed in on matters at the federal level, be it unfair trade practices in India to the many federal regulations past and pending. OCTC continued to keep in contact with Ohio’s Congressional Delegation to make them aware of our position on these issues.

I have been on the road visiting as many member companies as possible to ensure I understand the issues impacting you. We have also had a busy summer getting legislators out to member companies to tour their facilities. I have taken every opportunity I can to speak to other business groups, citizen organizations and government entities to promote the great work the chemical manufacturing industry is doing in Ohio. Additionally, I have spoken at a variety of conferences and events on behalf of our organization.    

As a member driven organization, I promise to continually strive to meet your needs and ensure the issues and programs we work on provide you value and help drive the industry to further growth and prosperity. I will simply conclude by saying, thank you for giving me this fantastic opportunity to work for all of you.    


Jenn Klein

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