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May 2-3, 2016

OCTC 38th Annual Conference

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May 2, 2016

Board of Directors Meeting

Renaissance Hotel, 50 N 3rd St, Columbus, OH 43215

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October 21-23, 2015

Embassy Suites Columbus
2700 Corporate Exchange Drive
Columbus, Ohio 43231

Science Education is Critical for the Future of Ohio’s Youth!

The Ohio Chemistry Technology Council’s Teachers, Industry and Environment (TIE) Conference is an exciting "hands on" experience for Ohio’s 3rd through 8th grade science educators. The TIE Conference provides educators with a wide-range of science experiments and classroom tools that create interesting and entertaining lessons for students.

  • The TIE Conference is aligned with state science teaching standards for STEM curriculums.
  • Participating educators have the opportunity to visit a working facility that produces sophisticated chemicals for the health care and personal products industries.
  • The TIE Conference materials provide educators with an abundance of information on the resources available to them, most at no cost.
  • Hands-on demonstrations and experiments provide educators with interesting and exciting tools that are easily adaptable to the classroom.
  • The TIE Conference provides networking opportunities for educators to share experiences and ideas with other educators.
  • Educators have direct interaction with the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency and representatives from the chemical manufacturing industry.
  • Graduate credits from Ashland University available (optional for all participants).


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What past TIE participating teachers have said about the program:

"...one of the best conferences I've ever attended. I appreciated our dialgoue with environmentalists, as well as representatives from industry and education, about how to get kids interested in science..."

"...easy to read, understand, and implement science experiment resources for teachers on tight budgets. "

"...by fair one of the best 'take it back and use it, and share it too' workshops I have ever attended."