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Ohio Chemistry Industry

Ohio has a robust chemical manufacturing industry. The industry of chemistry supports nearly every sector of the economy including food, agriculture, healthcare, transportation, infrastructure, electronics and much more. It is important to Ohio's economy to continue to support this critical industry, which creates jobs and supports our modern way of life.

Ohio Industry Facts

The chemical industry is a major component of the U.S. economy. American chemistry is a more than $600 billion industry that supports 25 percent of the U.S. GDP. Ohio is a major contributor to the nation's chemical sector. Ohio is the third largest chemical manufacturing state in the U.S. The chemical industry directly employs more than 40,000 Ohioans, with an average wage of over $104,000 per year. The industry in Ohio generates over $4.2 billion in payroll. Every year this industry makes nearly $850 million in capital investment in Ohio.

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